ACCEPT – Fast As A Shark – Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP) – เรียนภาษาอังกฤษฟรี

คุณกำลังมองหาหัวข้อ ACCEPT – Fast As A Shark – Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP) ใช่ไหม คุณกำลังเรียนรู้เกี่ยวกับเรื่องราวของ [Keyword] ใช่ไหม? ถ้าเป็นเช่นนั้นโปรดดูที่นี่.


ACCEPT – Fast As A Shark – Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP)| เรียนภาษาอังกฤษฟรี.

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ACCEPT - Fast As A Shark - Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP)
ACCEPT – Fast As A Shark – Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP)

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46 thoughts on “ACCEPT – Fast As A Shark – Restless And Live (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP) – เรียนภาษาอังกฤษฟรี”

  1. This song is considered to be the first Thrash Metal/Speed Metal song ever and it is a MASTERPIECE!!!! I still remember my first listen of Fast As A Shark from the Restless And Wild album back in 1987 at barely 10 years old. I was very confused when I first listened to the intro before Udo's scream and band came in. Restless And Wild is my favorite Accept album, and Fast As A Shark is one of my all time favorite songs ever. This live version is PHENOMENAL!! The current lineup of Accept is still putting out great albums, and still do incredible shows.

  2. the first one I heard from Accept, my brother took that old tape to home; Accept, Maiden, ACDC, I felt in love immediately, we fought so hard for that old tape many times, so lovely memories

  3. Saw them back in the mid '80's open up for Iron Maiden at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin and they ripped it up then and by god, they still do now. Just incredible stamina and dedication to the Metal way of life. Would love to bring back the memories and see them once again, even though Udo is elsewhere. Long live the days of nailing your Balls to the Wall and rock in out to London Leather Boys….Long Live Accept!!! 🎸💥

  4. I was 17 years old in 1982 and a big fan of Accept since the albums Im a Rebel and especially Breaker. Man that album blew us away. I then got the see Accept in Arnhem in the Netherlands in "de Stokvishal" on the first of october of that year. Other bands where Exciter and Savage from the Netherlands and Bodine (with Arjen Lucassen / Ayreon on guitar). Main act was Accept. Please take note that the Fast a Shark album wasnt out yet so nobody new these songs and especially Fast as a Shark. It was also the first time I saw Udo in his military gear and short hair. Which was also very different from other metal bands. I think there where 800 visitors who absolutely had no idea what hit them when they started the intro of Fast as a shark. First the heidiheidollalaa and then the pounding drums and riff. The whole audience was just stunned I remember.. If a tidal wave came at us and we couldnt move.. Mouth open gasping for breath.. No clue wat was happening. I have never experienced anything like that again. Total disbelief of what I was hearing, hardly anyone heard music like that before, the birth of speedmetal. And played with such preciseness and skill, the twin solos. I think I had a nekinjury for months from headbanging from the rest of the concert. Almost 40 years ago, I have see many many rock and metal concerts, all the greats, (Motorhead, Saxon, Priest, Metallica, Maiden, Raven, Y&T etc etc all in their early years) in my time but this concert was something from another planet. The memory is a clear as can be after 40 years. One I take to my grave…

  5. Good song. I am 53 years old man. I found Jesus Christ in to my life. He is my rock and idol now. This brings me memory of my past. Future are now in peace with God.
    Bless you all who still like hardrock. Stay now on hard rock Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour. Prayers.

  6. Yees old accept Udo liked 36 years i play this music hi metal mans And womens i Singer this song Fast as a Shark play to fity Petr hecko viva metal ❤️👿🙄

  7. Pro Boha! To má být náhrada za U.D.A.? Jsou lidé, kteří se prostě nedají nahradit a U.D.O. patří mezi ně. Hudba super, ale zpěv něco příšerného!! Méně chlastat, méně hulit, méně fetovat a ani tak to nebude ono. Hold, ten hlasový rozsah tam není! Škoda …


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