Bleach Chapter 630 Review "BAZZ Backstory" | Tekking101 – สี่ แพร่ง เต็ม เรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย

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Bleach Chapter 630 Review "BAZZ Backstory" | Tekking101| เต็มเรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย.

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Bleach Chapter 630 Review "BAZZ Backstory" | Tekking101

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Thoughts on the relationship between Haschwalth and Bazz B? Custom Thumbnail Done By: ….

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  1. I know this is years late and someone probably said it already.. BUT striking someone with your cross guard or pummelt is actually a real tactic, it was so popular in fact it got its own name. The murder stroke.

  2. I think the reason why Juha still has to do all the stuff he needs to do (sleep, absorb power back into him, etc.) is because it is just the nature of his soul, something which he won't be able to stop, something so deep ingrained into it, it would need a MIRACLE (or an intervention) for it to change

  3. Am I the only one whose a little impressed how slickly tekking did the toss bow catch thing with his phone. seriously try doing that without fumbling or messing up. its a little tricky. Good job.

  4. So what am getting out of this is that out of all the strinritter only As nodt and bazz B where confronted differently by Bach?, WHAT ARE THE FUCKING CHANCES OF THAT EVER HAPPENING!?!?!?!, I mean surly another was, no?, well fuck

  5. I don't get it.. if at night their powers swap wouldn't Hashwalth be unstoppable? You'd think Bazz-B would want to fight him during the day when he's weaker. Or did I miss something?

  6. Does anyone else believe that before the bleach anime returns viz should reintroduce it without the filler? Kind of like what fun did with dbz kai. I kno alot of people think that bleach is still kind of fresh and new still unlike dbz but to be honest what killed bleach in the end was the filler arcs and sagas. I for one would like a version of bleach that stays true to the manga without adding more material that confuses or bore fans to death lol some people like the filler arcs but i think they're good movie ideas but bad for the anime. I love bleach but i don't want to own a series when I have to skip entire sagas just to keep up with the actual story…

  7. Thank you tekking you are amazing please do more of the new stuff I was stupid excited about it keep on doing what you want to do man kawaii desu:3

  8. Yeah I had the same thought- grimmjow having a sort of pseudo-resurreccion now, since those claws look just like pantera's.
    still hoping for him and nel to have segunda etapas too.


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