Naruto 693 Prediction ナルト – Naruto VS Sasuke the Final Battle – สี่ แพร่ง เต็ม เรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย

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Naruto 693 Prediction ナルト – Naruto VS Sasuke the Final Battle| วัยเป้ง เต็ม เรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย.

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Naruto 693 Prediction ナルト – Naruto VS Sasuke the Final Battle

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We discuss what we want to see from the final battle of the series! Please tell us what you want to see from Naruto vs Sasuke! Donate to with Pay Pal: ….

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naruto 693

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  1. Sasuke will become the village new founding fathers and become the leader of the world. Naruto will die, and then someone will take naruto place in future. 

  2. I think sauske WILL die. Here's want I want:
    Combat, (like the one in the obito v. kakashi battle) summoning, susano, and sauske summoning the tailed beasts to get naruto and he has to fight them off, and at the end. Naruto and Sauske, with their last bits of strength, do the rasengan and chidori clash and there's a flashback to when they were kids. 10 years later, Naruto has children with Hinata and his kids come into his hokage office and he play's with them. He then tells them to leave, and he sees the picture of when they were kids, and Naruto whispers.. Sauske…. and then the series ends. Holy crap, I just made a damn fanfiction.

  3. Honestly Naruto is not gonna die because he has a movie coming out lol. And Sasuke is gonna get persuaded enough to release everyone after the fight. Hes not gonna die just fucked up badly and Naruto too. We were not shown Sasukes design b/c they're just making us wait and not giving out the end of the fight more obvious. Just making it more suspenseful!

  4. Unless the next movie is considered non-cannon or an alternate reality of what might have been, Sakura will not be dying at the end of this fight. However, I do think that Kakashi and Sakura will still play some kind of role in this final fight perhaps through words rather than fists.

  5. There's no way Naruto will kill Sasuke. He'd rather die than do that, and he stated that the two of them would kill each other the next time they fought.
    I imagine the only way we'll get additional info on…anything will be from the anime.

  6. i think sasuke has to die. anything else would be somewhat an asspull to me. like if sasuke suddenly changes his mind, again, that would be completely stupid.

  7. i think that in the battle between naruto and sasuke will be much like their first battle except naruto will win this time but much like the first battle sasuke will not go back to the village and will be the main villian in the next series  still wanting to kill the kages and take over the ninja world  i don't think anyone else will die and sakura will end up with rock lee , naruto with hinata with sasuke being with karrin  i think shikumaru will be with temari, neji will be bought back to life by naruto and end up with tenten and i think ino will end up with sai in the next series i think kakashi will be hokage and sasuke will kill him which naruto will be the new hokage and have to fight sasuke to the death in which they both will die

  8. Oh guys don't come with "the Last" reasoning please. If that were true
    Hinata, Kakashi, Kiba, Shino etc should die too, because we didn't see their artworks yet.
    Sasuke won't die. If he dies the brother's fight never comes to it's end. That's what the transcendents (or whatnots, i'm not sure that's the good word) always did, they killed each other. If Sasuke dies the cycle continues.  

  9. How about Naruto and Sasuke on the verge of death after the battle and Sakura needs to choice who she is going to save/heal? I would like that. 🙂

  10. Honestly I'd like to see the beginning or end of their fight look just like Kakashi vs. obito from the anime with the overlapping flash backs from all their previous fight but starting with shinobi hand to hand combat then upgrading throughout the fight

  11. At first I also thought that Sasuke would die because he wasn't shown in the movie, but it's not necessary because other characters haven't been shown yet like: tsunade, gai, kakashi, hinata, ino, konohamaru, etc.. 

  12. Naruto will get the rinnegan and will end the Infinite Tsukuyomi after he defeats Sasuke. Naruto actually can awaken the rinnegan because he has the chakra from the chakra fruit(Hagoromo said this) and Hinata may be killed by Sasuke and will cause Naruto to awaken it (which is why she has yet to be shown like Sasuke). 

  13. I hope it's a great battle.  IMO, I think one of them will end up in infinite tsukiyomi (IT) forever. I keep thinking back to Sauske saying, "My future lies in my past". It may be overthinking, but we don't know how IT gets broken. And Hagoromo hasn't gone into many details. What if the price of deactivating IT is that someone has to remain in IT in order to save the rest of the world. Perhaps that was the fate of Hagoromo's brother Homora. Possible twist ending?

  14. At the end sasuke is going to touch naruto on his forehead and be like I did this to make you stronger then he dies naruto goes crazy then the whole cycle starts all over

  15. -I hope Sasgay dies in this final battle.. He's just an emo douchebag.. And I don't understand why a lot of people even like this character.. He's like the justin bieber of the anime universe..

  16. I think what would be good is first off Naruto and Sasuke come to a agreement that before they end this. They should at least free everyone from Infinite Tsukuyomi, so once that's done they can go all out.

  17. If there's an movie special, what if we get Kaguya's back story in that format.
    I think Kaguya ate the fruit in order to obtain the power to defeat Lord Jashin.  Lord Jashin used war and weapons to control people on earth. and the source of his power was an evil fruit. I think Kaguya at the fruit to become immortal and used that power to destroy Lord Jashin. by doing this she ended the wars… 

    Maybe Jashin is the father of hagoromo and Hamura.

  18. In this battle i want to see:
    Sage Mode, Rasenshuriken, Bjuu Dama, Chidori, Susano, Amaterasu, Shinra Tensei, Summoning Jutsu, etc…

    What i dont want to see:
    Sexy Jutsu and Talk no Jutsu

  19. Great vid guys! Love both of your shirts btw. Congrats on moving into the studio! Look forward to seeing the final results. As for the Naruto/Sasuke fight I Know we'll be seeing high level ninjutsu, but I'm also hoping for a lot of taijutsu/kenjutsu. I know the anime will add the regardless of what happens in the fight, but it would be nice if Kishi incorporated it. As for Sasuke, something has to happen to him. Whether he dies, or gets sealed, or changes his way (which I doubt will happen) something has to happen. Sasuke is the last Uchiha which also means the last incarnation of Indra as well. Naruto stated that he'd save the bijuu no matter what, and end the brothers feud once and for all. I think Sasuke should probably die because he can't be redeemed now as a good guy because or his declaration of revolution against the kages and ninja world system. Nobody will except him as Hokage after that. I've seen a lot of different theories, and it's pretty fascinating how many there are. This fight and the outcome can go a lot of different ways. Glad to get your take Christian, since the chapters come out randomly, I know it's probably hard for you to get to do a review with your schedule. And if the Last Naruto the movie is canon, that Sakura theory of your guys definitely won't happen, lol. Looking forward to all the stuff to come, sucks it's coming to an end, but I'm pumped for this fight!

  20. I dont think we can count Sasuke out just because we havent seen his character design for "The Last" yet. We havent seen Hinatas yet either, but that doesnt mean she died.


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