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Naruto Chapter 700 Live Reaction "The 7th Hokage"| วัยเป้ง เต็ม เรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย.

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รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ นารูโตะ 700.

Naruto Chapter 700 Live Reaction "The 7th Hokage"
Naruto Chapter 700 Live Reaction "The 7th Hokage"

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Farewell you foxy orange ninja!

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นารูโตะ 700

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30 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 700 Live Reaction "The 7th Hokage" – เต็มเรื่อง น่าสนใจที่สุด”

  1. My initial reaction to the chapter
    – Sai and Ino: Nice I actually saw that coming
    – ShikaTema: it’s Perfect
    – NaruHina: nice
    – Choji and Karui: ?????????? How? 😂
    – SasuSaku: Oh hell no! It was dead for like 4 and a half years when he tried to kill her wtf?! 😂😭
    – Kiba And that Kat Lady: okay that’s weird 😂
    – Boruto is doing the exact same thing that Naruto did in the beginning 😂👍
    – Why does Sarada have glasses? 😂
    And why did she have to Take Sakura’s catchphrase? 😂😖
    – Naruto is Hokage 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳
    – omg the other Kage (except Gaara) retired Nice new Kages btw. ❤️
    – Shino is a Teacher 😂
    – Sasuke isn’t in the Village. why? 😂

    I felt somewhat happy but also pretty disappointed.

  2. They say Bolt because his real name (Boruto) translates to Bolt. It’s supposed to be a reference to Neji, who’s name translates to screw. Bolts and screws are the same thing.

    Edit: if Kishimoto adds nuclear weapons, I will jump off a bridge

  3. see……… everyone thinks sasuke and karin had a kid
    i still think sakura is sarada's stepmom

    p.s i did read the manga 3 yrs ago(cuz some ppl say you're late and shit so to clarify) just stumbled upon tekking bout a month ago

  4. To be fair Tekking, even in our real world with its powerful weapons of war much effort has been put into developing stealth and espionage based warfare as opposed to costly,wasteful, and dangerous large scale altercation. So I guess the ninja will be equipped with more modern weapons and perhaps the 8th Hokage will be Bolt's brother …….Snake.

  5. I think that the first character of the word shinobi is the character for "endure" so it would make sense that ninjas are meant to endure life's hardships.

  6. like I said it take computer where in the naruto universe yes y it can't have laptop in then years I Am 28 when I was young like 12years old it had big back computers an it have laptop that's Japanese for u

  7. I find one of the best parts of this chapter is the Gokage Summit. The last one we saw was in a neutral country with a mediator so things won't go into mindless rambling and everyone had bodyguards ready to stop threats. Now, they in Konoha, no mediator, casual as fuck, no bodyguards. Its showing how they are truly headed on the right path to peace and it's all thanks to Naruto. That is fucking awesome.

  8. 15 fucking years of naruto and all u can do is mention abt the tiniest of things? man I had so much respect for u after seeing ur bleach videos. i just came here to see ur reaction to naruto 700, instead i got reaction to everything except the chapter.

  9. The hairstyle Shikadai has is a tradition from the Nara clan, Shikamaru and his dad, Shikaku also has that style. So he couldn't give him another hairstyle.
    Asuma's child, Mirai is a girl, BTW!
    And the girl Kiba is with is Tamaki, the cat girl we meet after Sasuke has gathered his team.


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