RANT!: Naruto Chapter 688 – Kishimoto Doesn't Give A F*** Anymore – ナルト – เต็มเรื่อง ที่น่าสนใจที่สุดในประเทศไทย

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RANT!: Naruto Chapter 688 – Kishimoto Doesn't Give A F*** Anymore – ナルト| สี่ แพร่ง เต็ม เรื่อง น่าสนใจที่สุด.

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RANT!: Naruto Chapter 688 - Kishimoto Doesn't Give A F*** Anymore - ナルト
RANT!: Naruto Chapter 688 – Kishimoto Doesn't Give A F*** Anymore – ナルト

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When you put the fan-boy or fan-girl aside anyone with some reason & logic can tell that this chapter is a polished pile of s**t. The polish being Kaguya & Naruto’s attack.

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naruto 688

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  1. This video doesn't make amy sense
    1. Obito teleporting to kakashi was because of kamui he was able to use it because he had chakra left
    2. He gave kakashi his 2 sharingans, Obito subconscious went inside Kakashi and gave him the last chakra he had including the 6 paths
    Also "kakashi of the sharingan" is said since the beginning of the series
    3. He was able to use susanoo because he had the chakra of the 6 paths to use to it witch boosted the eye abilities (watch the swagakge video for more details)

  2. when that happen i lost interest in the show, i was really upset with shippuden nerfs of the akatsuki, the revive abilities of the shinobi, the reanimation spam bullshit. and the zetsu plan was so dumb, even obito going to naruto side was dumb and childish,. nerfing the 10 tailed was insanely stupid, and giving kakashi the susano and 2 sharingan is the most crazy bullshit ever made, and eh lets not forget now naruto could bring back kakashi eye back to normal but he cant restore his own fucking arm lol.

  3. Nice rant. Some good points. No original story is going to be perfect my dude. W/ real world deadlines and expectations (then and now), The only way to fix all these issues is to rewrite the chapter yourself or develop your own story. When it comes to establishing ground rules, can we talk about JoJo’s? Talk about throwing out what came before…WTF?!

  4. Looking back on it now, the only thing that really annoys me is that fanboys always try to make kakashi look op bc of the 5 minutes he had dms. Even though he doesn't even have sharingan they still think he can use em smh.

  5. Kakashi would go to hospital after using Kamui twice against Deidara and now he just spams it like crazy and even unlock a fucking Susanoo without going blind or dying of chakra depletion
    I like sharingans and all but at this point Kishimoto is straight up riding dem uchiha dicks

  6. I've always thought that Kakashi got the title "Copy Ninja" because he had full control of his chakra (mastering all elements or whatever) and with the sharingan, he was able to copy any jutsu reading his opponent's chakra flow. Not because he had the sharingan itself but because he himself was very skillful. You never see another Uchiha copy jutsu and why would he receive such a notorious title in the first place if it was so common just because you had a sharingan eye? Idk just my imo

  7. Bleach >>> naruto >Toriko>> one piece > dbs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FT.

    Tbh bleach's only problem is ichigo being OP at the end of every arc other than that it's much better than the other shounen

  8. To be honest, unlike Fairy Tail (which I agree 100% with you, it is garbage); I don't think Naruto was bad. I actually did enjoy the series, the fights, and the character development (at least the Naruto one). Yes! There are many asspulls that could have been executed diffrently but the fights were good and the good guys also died and were defeated some times. The problem was making Kaguya so OP to the point that an asspull had ti be pulled. It is a major problem when OP characters are introduced, I think there should always be a path thought ahead of time to defeat such characters or just put some more limitations to their powers, to avoid the asspulls


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