Top 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows – ดูหนังฟรีที่นี่

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Top 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows| ดูหนังฟรีที่นี่.

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Top 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows
Top 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows

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ดูเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อTop 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows.

Top 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows

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Here they are, the top 10 shows that are not “family friendly”! For this list, we are looking at the most troubling, upsetting and shocking Netflix shows. Our list includes, “Making a Murderer”, “The Killing”, “The Keepers”, “Stranger Things”, “TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY” and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for theTop 10 Darkest Netflix Shows.

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List Entries and Rank:
10. “Stranger Things” (2016)
9. “The Punisher” (2017)
8. “Evil Genius The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist” (2018)
7. “The Keepers” (2017)
6. “The Killing” (2011-14)
5. “TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY” (2017)
4. “Making a Murderer” (2015)
3, 2, 1: ???

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การค้นหาที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อTop 10 Dark and Disturbing Netflix Shows.

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  1. I was gonna say if stranger things is even included on "darkest" netflix then you don't know what the fuck your talking about…

    Didn't even realize I was watching watch mojo… You guys literally ALWAYS fail these days…

  2. Oh my God! Dark is THE best show ever! It is perfect on everything. And it leaves no loopholes or questions behind, well if you watch it carefully. You would not get off your place unless forced if you start dark.

  3. DARK is the best searies that we have ever seen its far way better than GOT and Breaking Bad. As its not a American searies (German ),thats why they ranked it 3 . But for viewers all around the world its 1 the best.

    Dark 3rd season has been realeased.
    Go check out

  4. I know yall will be watching dark looking at the comment section and if you are please watch it in german with subtitles its really effective that way instead of the dub.

  5. 99% people in comments section: dark is crystal clear masterpiece hats off to viewers who watched dark .
    dark is too much to handle for stranger things fans
    And that's why dark don't have mad big fanbase


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